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Budgie’s Top 10: Fictional Corporations

Wayne Enterprise (Batman)
Well there’s not a lot Wayne Enterprise doesn’t do. From pharmaceuticals to Aerospace. Everything a Billionaire vigilante needs.

The Tyrell Corporation (Blade Runner)
A dark, shadowy corporation with its spokesman Dr Tyrell who has built the company up with it’s leading products, replicants. Little is known about the company apart from that it makes replicants and they run low on work ethics.

Stark Industries (Iron Man)
Founded by Howard Anthony Stark, specialising in defence weaponry & technology and working alongside in government projects dating back to World War I. Now we see Stark Industries putting their weapons aside for alternative energy programmes and various side projects.

Weyland Industries (Alien)
Established in 2012 by Peter Weyland, The company within its first five years made $100 billion. The company that funded Project Prometheus, manufactures androids and leading in off world terraforming has a promising future.

Aperture Science, Inc (Portal)
A research corporation founded by Cave Johnson. Started life making shower curtains for the US Military excluding the Navy. The corporation soon moves on to research into hand held portals devices after Johnson becomes a billionaire. A couple of the companies known products are Mobility Gels, Long Fall Boots, Weighted Companion Cube and the Aperture Sentry Turret, perfect for babysitting.

Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil)
An international pharmaceutical company founded in the 1960s. From outside the organization looks like a leading pharmaceutical goods and medical supplier, however the company also has involvements in clandestine operations in genetic engineering, bio-organic and biohazard weapons.

ENCOM International (Tron)
ENCOM is an American multi-national computer technology corporation that developed many important programs and technologies such as digitization hardware and software. ENCOM was founded by Dr. Walter Gibbs, Ph.D. on July 22, 1972, originally from inside his garage. Within less than ten years, ENCOM grew into one of the world’s leading computer companies. It’s also the home of The Grid and a very big door.

Venture Industries (The Venture Bros)
Founded by Jonas Venture Sr and passed on to his son Thaddeus where the company went downhill. The company has designed and built some amazing items over the years. From space station Gargantua to underwater salvage locator. It’s also responsible for cloning, a sound that kills and a re-animation of dead people for military forces.

Monsters, Inc (Mosters, Inc)
A factory that powers the city of Monstropolis with the aid of children’s screams. Top scarer James P Sullivan took leadership of the company after some work misconduct from the previous chairman Henry J. Waternoose and employee Randall Bloggs. Sullivan has taken the company to new levels with its new operation procedures in extracting children’s laughter.

Veidt Enterprises (Watchmen)
CEO and “smartest man in the wolrd”, Adrian Veidt runs the enterprise with its many subsidiaries from magazines to energy, deliveries to toy making, construction to lingerie. Basically it’s impossible to walk down New York without something belonging to Veidt.

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